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How To Do Meditation For Beginners Does Not Have To Be Hard : Read These Tips

How To Do Meditation For Beginners Doesn't Have To Be Hard: Read These Tips

Meditation is nothing but the training of the minds. It is very difficult for a beginner to sit for about one hour with an empty account. In meditation, focusing on the breath is an example of concentration like that this called repeating a single word over Mantra, steering at a candle flame, counting beads of mala for Beginner. It's challenging to focus the mind. Thay can mediate few minutes starting, but after practice, the duration can be increased, which is doing medicine focus and awareness your chosen object attention every time you will get your mind to divert here and there, so many thoughts will come. Still, you focus on your selected object slowly. Your ability to concentrate improves.


There are various amazing benefits of meditation like low blood pressure, improve blood circulation Lower heart rate, less perspiration, slower respiratory rate, less anxiety, lower blood cortisol levels, more feelings of well being, less stress, Deeper relaxation a part of these a positive effect on your brain and immune function. You will have better control over your mind can make decisions.

How to meditate

How To Do Meditation For Beginners Doesn't Have To Be Hard: Read These Tips

  1. First, sit or lie comfortably or you can sit on a chair also which must be comfortable.
  2. Your back should be straight.
  3. Keep an air plug for cotton in your ears to stop outside noise or better to sit at a peaceful place where no one disturbs you.
  4. Close your eyes if you are lying, then cover your eyes by masks or pillows.
  5. Take breath naturally. Don't effort to control the breathing, just simply breathing.
  6. Focus your attention on the breath while inhalation and Exhalation notice your chest, solders, rib cage, and Belly and then again focus on breathing, don't try to control your breath if your mind will divert here and there try to focus to your breath.
  7. Starting to do it two to three minutes, then slowly increase time and later work for a longer period.


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