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How To Do Hatha Yoga for Beginners(2020) : Steps & Benefits


Hello, welcome to Healthmire; I have shared the best article to hatha yoga for beginners Class, so if you like hatha yoga And you are a yoga beginner, or you're just looking to get back to the basics this Class is a great one to do before We get started.

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How To Do Hatha Yoga? - Learn these steps

How To Do Hatha Yoga for Beginners : Steps & Benefits

By lying flat on your back on the ground straighten, your legs flex your feet. When you inhale, take your right leg in your hand, holding on Behind the thigh on the right.

Hamstrings bending the right leg keep both of your feet flexed. As you're here, hug the right leg in towards your chest breathing profoundly and hold Release your hands from your same place the right leg down and switch sides.

Take the left leg in your hands holding on to the hamstrings on the left side keeping both of your feet flexed Breathe deeply as you hug your leg in Release your hands from your leg and then bring the right leg to meet the left hold on underneath the thighs on both of your legs.

Keeping both feet flexed and hug your legs in towards the shoulders take a deep breath in and a deep breath out From here release both of your legs roll on to the right side of your body and Make your way up Coming to lie flat on your belly on the ground Once you're lying dull place.

How To Do Hatha Yoga for Beginners

Your forehead on the floor brings your hands flat on the ground right next to your ribs Elbows point it up On an inhale to lift your head and your chest off of the field.

Looking forward to a low Cobra arch, Exhale lower your head and chest back down Inhale come back up for a little Cobra arch once more Exhale bring your head down Inhale lift your head.

Up once again, using your upper back muscles to hold you up exhale lower down From here press yourself up, and we'll make our way into a child's pose Touch your big toes together behind you separate your knees Sit.

Your hips onto your heels and then relax your torso over your thighs, bringing your forehead to the floor, Reaching your arms out in front of you Hold here in your child's pose.

How To Do Hatha Yoga for Beginners

Breathing deeply in and out through your nose, lift your head slightly, take your left arm to thread it underneath your right and bring the left side of your temple to the ground.

Remaining in your child's pose for a twist Relaxed here and breathe Unwind from your twist, and we'll take the twist on the other side Thread your right arm underneath the left bring your right temple to the ground.

Remaining in your child's pose for this twist and hold Slowly unwind from your twist come up onto your hands and knees, And we'll take a low lunge Take your right leg step it forward in between your hands bringing.

Your right knee directly above the right ankle Keep the back knee down onto the ground, have your hands framing your right foot Looking down, send your hips down towards the floor and breathe here.

Your low lunge Slowly brings the right leg back underneath your hips and switch sides. You are taking the left leg stepping it forward, coming into your low lunge on the left side.

How To Do Hatha Yoga for Beginners

Breathing here have your hands framing your front foot looking down and hold Gently come out of your plunge and make your way up to standing Step your feet out to a wide-leg position and from here.

We'll come into warrior two Turn your right toes in at 45 degrees on the ground and your left toes all the way out Align your left heel with your right arch and then reach your arms.

Out to the side palms facing the floor, bend your left knee looking down, make sure your left knee is tracking directly above the left ankle and hold here in your warrior two On an inhale.

Keep your feet where they straighten your left leg and reach your arms up. On your next exhale press everything back down into warrior two Inhale straighten your leg and reach your arms up exhale press down for your two In how straighten.

Your leg reaching your arms up exhale Through your nose press John warrior two inhale straighten your leg and reach up Take a deep exhale press back down warrior two Inhale straighten your leg reach your arms up exhale Warrior two From here Straighten your leg turn your feet back to parallel and bring your hands to your hips.

How To Do Hatha Yoga for Beginners

Coming into warrior two on the other side, turn your left toes in at 45 degrees right toes out. Look down, align your right heel with your left arch and reach your arms.

Out to the side, Bend your right knee tracking the knee directly above the ankle and hold your warrior two. When you next deep inhale straighten your right leg and reach your arms up exhale, Come back to your warrior two Inhale straighten.

Your leg reaching up exhale pressing down warrior two Inhale come back up exhale press down warrior two inhale to straighten the leg reach up and exhale warrior two Last time inhale reach up to straighten the leg and exhale warrior two From here straighten.

Your right leg brings your feet back to parallel hands to the hips Bend your knees slightly and send your hips back behind you as you fold your torso over And place your hands on the ground.

If your hands Don't reach the ground, bend your knees a little bit further so you can touch the floor with your hands relax your head over completely feeling a stretch in the hamstrings the glutes the low back and hold here Keep.

Your feet where they are and walk your hands over to your right leg holding on to your foot or your ankle Hold here feeling a stretch in the left side of your torso and breathe Walk your hands over to the left foot and hold here.

Stretching the right side of your torso, Breathing deeply Walk your hands and body back to the center press into the ground with both of your feet Bring your hands to your hips and come up with a straight back Heel-toe your feet in towards.

The centerline of your body and come to sitting on the ground From here sit up tall, and the two sit bones at the bottom of your pelvis. Bend your legs and bring your feet to meet each other at the centerline of your body and knees.

How To Do Hatha Yoga for Beginners

Out to the side When an inhale to sit up tall and on an exhale fold your torso over your legs looking down holding on to your feet Breath here keeping as much length in your spine as possible and hold Slowly come up out of your forward.

Fold to bring your knees in towards each other Straighten your right leg. Keep the left leg bent and cross it over the right leg. Wrap your right arm around your left leg, bring your left arm behind.

Take an inhale lengthen your spine and on your exhale. Twist your torso all the way around to the left, looking as far behind you as you can hold here with each inhales to lengthen your spine even more considerably and with each exhale.

Twists a little bit deeper Unwind from your twist and cross your legs Straighten your left leg bend your right cross the right leg over the remaining Wrap your left arm around your right leg bring your right arm behind you Inhale lengthen your spine and exhale twist to the right With each inhales lengthen.

Your spine even further and with each exhale twist a bit deeper and remain here Unwind from your twist uncross your leg and come to lying flat on your back and once you're lying down, hug your legs in towards your chest flexing your feet.

Hold on to the thighs or the shins and hold here for a moment. From here, place the left foot flat on the floor cross the right ankle over the left leg. Bring your right knee out to the side, Hug.

Your legs in holding on behind the left thigh on the hamstrings Keep both of your feet flexed And breathe here in your supine pigeon or thread the needle pose. Release your hands from your leg, uncross your ankle and switch sides. Take the left ankle cross.

How To Do Hatha Yoga for Beginners

It over the right thigh, bring the left knee out to the side. Hug the legs inward towards your shoulders, holding on behind the thigh on the proper flexing both of your feet and breathing here. Release your hands from your leg, uncross your ankle.

It'll take our final pose, Shavasana Stretch, your legs out separate them apart. Place your hands down by your sides, turn your palms up towards the ceiling. Close your eyes, relax your limbs entirely and begin to deepen your breath, Breathing in and out through your nose.

Draw your attention to your breath. As you remain here focusing on the breath, if another thought comes into your mind, notice that it's there gently set it to the side and come back to focusing on the breath Remain here Bring some slight motion back into your limbs.

Your hands and your feet moving your arms and your legs Then your legs roll onto the right side of your body and rest there with your knees bent and Your arm under your hand for support Using your hands press yourself up to a cross-legged.

Seated position flexing your feet sitting up tall Bring your hands to meet at the center of your chest and bow your head to your fingertips namaste Thank you so much for reading this article.

it also lets me know if you liked this article and tells me whether or not I should do more like this one also Let me know in the comments section below what type of yoga is your favorite is hopping over your favorite or vinyasa or restorative of what type of yoga do you love practicing the most? 

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