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Hatha Yoga: Connecting with the Sun and Moon

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga: Connecting with the Sun and Moon

One meaning of Hatha, which we have already looked at is, means, tenacity. To reshape the body in a way to re-engineer the whole system in a very fundamental way.

It takes a certain level of tenacity. This is not for…this is not even for God because it seems he took a holiday on Sunday (Laughs), yes.

Shiva didn’t, but from where you come most of you, God took a break on Sunday, so He is not a Hatha yogi; he cannot be (Laughs). 

Hatha Yoga has a tenacity; there is no Sunday Monday for Him. He is on and on. Because if you don’t do that, you can not recreate a body which has already become an adult. This is recreating the body; it means the first time your body has been created mostly from the information that has come from your parentage.

What memory their bodies carried what one was, two come together, and a more complex memory system is formed every time a child is born. So, the shape of the body, the tone of your how your order is everything mostly shape from this memory.

Now, if you are in a certain way, there are ways to do this, we can set up long-term experiments if somebody is willing to fund and do, we can show, right now you trace back, let’s say five generations ago, my great grandfather, great great great grandfather, was a great guy, he was brilliant very physically fit and capable of many things, I want to become like him.

We can do a specific type of yoga so that we can mostly take that part of your system; Maybe your father was a weak man, you don’t want to be like him, and want to be like a great great grandfather.

There are certain types of yoga to identify that memory and activate that memory to the maximum. That will not be the only one, but that will dominate.

So, yogic system, looked at it this way or another way is generally the yogic system follows this, when the Saptarishis sat in front of Adiyogi, their only aspiration was they wanted to become like Him. They were not interested in fathers and grandfathers.

So, he said we would obliterate every other memory, and you work on this. Thus, the first step even today, people who take sanyas take is, there are specific processes to distance yourself from your genetic memory, which comes from elsewhere. 

Because a bit distance suddenly permits most flexibility within the system. But if you remove the genetic memory, if you successfully alienate yourself from the genetic mind, you must be very conscious of reshaping yourself the way you want.

It would be best if you had the necessary sadhana, otherwise no memory, no consciousness, this will go (Gestures), people may die soon. It’s possible. 

If one of the distances himself from his genetic memory and does not do the necessary work that is needed to rebuild of the system, his system may collapse within a specific period because it’s the memory that is in the genetic substance which holds the body in a certain level of integrity. 

Why one person’s body seems to be much more integrated than other naturally is mainly because of the type of memory that they carry. 

So, in Hatha Yoga, we are not trying to at least at this stage of doing things, we are not trying to distance ourselves from the genetic memory, we are trying to take the best that is there in us. 

There may be all kinds of people, let’s say if you look back as the last twenty-five generations, the family tree if you look at it, if you look at the immediately previous age, you are only concerned with two people your father and your mother. 

But if you look a little further, there are a hundred and fifty guys who contribute to your memory. Now, all these people we don’t know what kind of people they are. 

Some might have been very strong, some weak, some diseased, some healthy, some very focused, some all over the place, and all kinds of people in this tree. 

From what do you draw is an important thing or how to attract the best from all, this is an important thing. Hatha means that “Ha” means that “Sun,” “The” means“Moon.”

To draw directly from our parentage, necessarily, our ancestry is sun and moon and planet, these are the three. The earth is a womb, sun and moon in someway and impregnating, and this is happening. 

If there's no Sun, there would be no life. If there is no Moon, life wouldn’t be the way it is right now; it would probably be another way. 

So, these three dimensions are playing an important role. So one aspect of Hatha is to keep our parent age aside. My father, my grandfather, all these people you keep them apart because ultimately all their lineage goes to sun and moon, you want to draw straight from that.

That is what Hatha Yoga means, and you bring such a balance that this intermediate transmission is lost, and you draw directly from that as life was made. On the way, so much corruption has happened through millions of generations. 

You want to eliminate that, and you want to draw straight from your father and mother, the sun is seen as the father, the moon is seen as the mother. 

As we have been many times looking at this, our mothers have had the eligibility to become our mothers only because they were synchronized with the cycle so the moon, otherwise they wouldn’t have… they would not be eligible to become our mothers. 

They could bear children only because of that. So, to directly associate with the original mother and the father, in between, in yoga, we say in between is all corruption (Laughs), all mix up genetic and other memories, you know, all kinds of things happened, some might have been good, some might have been bad, all sorts of mixtures we don’t have control over that.

So, to draw directly from Ha, and that is the sun and the moon. Thus, the nature of Hatha Yoga is to gradually connect with the sun, and the moon rather than you must check this after you…after two-and-a-half years of practice, sounds too long? 

Every day two-and-a-half years if you practice, if you close your eyes like this (Gestures), you must be able to say what phase of the moon is today. Because it’s so manifest in your system, a Hatha Yogi, if he closes his eyes, he must be able to say what phase of the moon, there are other aspects of the sun, one can know which is more complicated, but at least the moon phases one must-see within himself.

This is absent in people. That means misaligned with the source of our physical manifestation. So, the material is essential. If you want to do things in the world, there are other ways to do it if you're going to realize yourself and leave your body. 

Only (Gestures) like this we can have you pop, but don't do it in the ashram, okay (Laughs). If it is just a question of realization, it can be done in so many ways. You want to be realized, and you want to live powerfully, then Hatha becomes an important aspect. 

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