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How Can We Aware Rural Literates consumers About Their Health Protection While Purchasing Goods?


How Can We Aware Rural Literates consumers About Their Health Protection While Purchasing Goods?

The concept of rural markets in India is still evolving, and it posses numerous challenges like understanding rural consumers, reaching and providing the services remote locations and communicating with a different audience.

Though there are many several difficulties in targeting the rural market, still almost all companies are rushing a towards this market.

This is mainly because a saturated urban market and favourable changes in rural markets like improving lifestyle, habits, taste, increasing literacy level, increase in incomes, increase in expectations and aspirations, improving infrastructure, and governments support via various schemes etc. 

Nowadays, rural consumers are also using branded products, and almost all major brands are available in the agricultural market of India. 

Though the gap between Indian rural and urban consumer is decreasing still there is a considerable difference between them in terms of geographic, demographic and psychographic aspects. 

These are the differences resulting in distinction in rural and urban consumers' behaviour, hence requiring different marketing strategies for these regions. 

This paper is an attempt to explores differences between Indian rural and urban consumers.

Consumer Rights Awareness among Rural Consumers:


A consumer is a person who is the final users of products or services. Consumer awareness is about making consumer awareness of his/her rights. 

The rights of consumers must be informed to the consumers and should do all the necessary precautions to protect their rights. For this, procedures and rules should be simplified in a way that producers and consumers get benefited out of that. 

The complete consumer protection is only possible through consumer awareness and education. I am unfortunately cheating by way of overcharging, black marketing, misleading advertisement etc.

Has become the common practice of greedy sellers and manufactures to make unreasonable profits and without heed to confer consumer rights and interests.

Consumer rights awareness is about making the consumer aware of products or services; however, this is mostly unknown to many citizens, especially at rural areas irrespective of whether they are educated or uneducated. 

The rural consumers are known to earn a low income, have a low level of literacy, low level of awareness, asymmetric information, inadequate communication and transportation facilities. 

Keeping in view the above facts, the present study has been undertaken to study the level of consumer awareness about consumer rights and the constraints faced by them while utilizing consumer rights in the Rural Area of Bongaon Block..

If You Want To More Information About Awareness Rural Literate Consumer Their Health Protection.

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