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Can I Eat a Painkiller or Medicine after Eating a Calcium Tablet within 2 hours?

Can I Eat  a Painkiller or Medicine after Eating a Calcium Tablet within 2 hours?

Calcium supplements will act with many medications in several ways that usually increase or decrease the quantity of the absorbed drug. And generally, it works the opposite direction around — the drug changes the proportion of metallic elements you consume.

Supplements are typically safe to require. However, you wish to contemplate what else you take and what is going on with your body. It is vital to speak to your health care supplier concerning taking metallic elements or any supplements if you are on any medications or over-the-counter medications.

Calcium and Antibiotics

Calcium supplements will decrease the absorption of fluoroquinolone and bactericide. Taking the medications and supplements a minimum of 2 hours apart should facilitate, but again, speak with your health care supplier. Ca supplements ought to most likely be avoided altogether if you are taking Garamycin, another style of antibiotic.

Calcium and Osteoporotic Medications

Bisphosphonates area unit medications accustomed to treat pathology. Taking them at a similar time as metal supplements could decrease the absorption of the drug, so they should be considered a minimum of 2 hours, excluding the metal. On the opposite hand, estrogens increase metal absorption, which might improve bone density.

Calcium, Diuretics, and Other Blood Pressure Medications

Diuretics area unit wont to take away fluid from your body and cut back vital signs. Some sorts of diuretics could affect your blood levels of atomic number 20. Potassium-sparing and water pill diuretics will increase the number of atomic number 20 in your blood, and loop diuretics cause nuclear number 20 levels to travel down. 

Atomic number 20 supplements and beta-blockers could interfere with one another. And, not amazingly, atomic number 20 could interfere with the atomic number 20 channel blockers. Please do not take any nuclear amount 20 supplements with these vital sign medications unless your tending supplier tells you to require them.

Calcium, Antacids, and Laxatives

Both aluminum- and magnesium-containing antacids increase the number of Ca that is excreted in your weewee, which implies you would possibly lose Ca. Also, one type of Ca supplements, referred to as Ca turn, could increase the amount of aluminum absorbed from those antacids. 

Carbonate that incorporates the acid in your abdomen. It is essential to follow label directions to stop riveting an excessive amount of Ca from these antacids. Laxatives that contain metal could decrease the number of Ca absorbed from Ca supplements.

Calcium and Anti-Seizure Medications

Anti-seizure medications, like hydantoin, carbamazepine, purpleheart, an antiepileptic drug, might lower your metallic element levels. They have to be taken a minimum of 2 hours except for metallic element supplements. 

Additionally, your tending supplier might recommend taking via sterol on supplements together with your anti-seizure medications to do to stay metallic element levels near to traditional standards.

Can I eat a painkiller or medicine after eating a calcium tablet within 2 hours?

Can I Eat  a Painkiller or Medicine after Eating a Calcium Tablet within 2 hours?

Yes, timing matters.Three factors verify after you ought to take Calcium Supplements:
  • Type of metallic element. Check the label to search out out what quite metallic element the supplement contains. Metallic element change state will be gaga or while not food. Carbonate ought to be gaga food. Abdomen acid made, whereas consumption helps your body absorb carbonate.
  • Total daily dose. The metallic element is best absorbed once it's taken in smaller doses (typically but 600 milligrams at one time). If you're taking one,000 mg of metallic element each day, split it into two or additional doses over the day.
  • Medications and supplements. Metallic element supplements will act with several prescription medicines, antibiotics, bisphosphonates, and high vital sign medications. Raise your doctor or health professional concerning attainable interactions between mineral element supplements and your medications.
It's also a decent plan to require your metal supplements at a particular time from your multivitamin pill or AN iron-rich meal. Metal will affect; however, your body absorbs iron, metallic element, and metallic element.


This is, therefore, necessary that I am planning to repeat it here. You would like to speak to your tending supplier regarding any dietary supplements you're taking, mainly if you've got any health conditions or area unit taking any medications, and with prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

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